The team

Who are we  ?

The Brussels West Coast Swing non-profit association was founded in 2013 by a group of four passionate dancers to make the dance known in Brussels and develop the WCS community.

During 5 years rich in experiences, they managed to contaminate others with the WCS virus

They did it so well that in May 2018, 5 of their former students (Andreia, Christophe, Didier, Julie and Thierry) decided to take up the torch and continue this magnificent adventure.

The team has grown and developed over time, but the goal remains the same: spreading the love for WCS. 

Until 2020, the team that manages the association consists of  Anna, Erwin and Thierry, supported by Andreia, Quentin, Julien,  Dewi and Camilleand many others,  they will cater for your every (dancing) need.

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Our aspiration ?

Introducing as many people as possible to this dance and enabling them to enjoy it as much as we do.

Promoting WCS in and around Brussels and finding collaboration opportunities with other WCS studios in Belgium  and abroad as well as  with other dance clubs. 

We are not professional dancers – we have day jobs and volunteer for Brussels West Coast Swing in our spare time – but we constantly try to grow and improve by attending  WCS festivals abroad, by taking private classes with the world’s best WCS teachers and by competing. We are also committed to providing the best learning environment possible and are in the process of obtaining an internationally recognized certification for our teachers. 

On top of weekly classes we organise regular workshops with  other teachers from abroad socials pratices,  team-building activities and others activities for our students 

The brand new team and their passion for WCS

West Coast Swing was a real eye-opener to me after many years of latin dance. WCS can be danced on many different styles of music, each with their own rhythm, accents and flow – awesome! Followers can temporarily take over the lead to express their interpretation to the music, to add some fun and spice up the dance!

WCS also offers competition on a well-organized, worldwide scale, to mark your progress and earn official WSDC points. But most of all it offers a fantastic and cosy dance community with a lot of new friends that share the same WCS passion!”

“WCS for me is creativity, equality between partners, self-expression. It is the space where I am not in my head, where I live in the present moment and the smile is inside as well as outside. In short, it’s freedom.

  “What I love about WCS is that it is so unpredictable. Together with your partner you start a journey and you really do not know where it will take you. The best is when you do not want it to finish, or even have a small break.” 


“WCS is sharing the pleasure of dancing on all sorts of music. It represents listening to your dance partner in a friendly way.”


“For me, the WCS is an incredible community gathered around dance. Values of sharing, listening and good mood to progress together”