• The members of Brussels WCS asbl commit themselves to be in a good mood, courteous and sociable during the lessons and practices.
    • Members of Brussels WCS asbl who regularly follow a class can also take a lower level course if they want, at no extra cost, subject to availability of spots. However, they are aware that priority will be given to students enrolled in the level in question.
    • The members of Brussels WCS asbl must accept the decisions of the teachers and organizers during the courses and practices. The teachers and organizers of Brussels WCS asbl reserve the right to refuse admission to classes and practices to people who disturb the smooth running of these.
    • Members of Brussels WCS asbl are not allowed to film courses unless the teachers allow it.
    • Payment must be made at one time within 15 days of registration on Internet for your registration to be taken into account. The registration will then be validated by Brussels WCS asbl through email, according to the follower-leader parity. Brussels WCS asbl does not reimburse the registration fees for a course once the course session has started – or in case of exclusion due to non-compliance with the Charter.
    • A sponsorship system exists. For the smooth running of our activities, conditions in order to get these price reductions are the following:
        1. Brussels WCS asbl and its members are covered for material and bodily injury caused to third parties in the course of its activities.Any other prejudice is the responsibility of any insurance taken by the members.
        2. For the well-being of all, thank you kindly bring you a deodorant, change of clothes and a towel to cope with perspiration.Reductions are granted:
          – when paiement of sponsored couples is confirmed;
          – up to the number of available places;
          – to the maximum of free classes for you;
          – Sponsored couples must mention your name when they register
          – Sponsored couple register for the first time to classes of Brussels WCS
    See you soon on the dance floor …


    Brussels WCS asbl