JT Junior Varsity


Beyond regular classes, socials and workshops, Brussels West Coast Swing offers an additional opportunity for local students to grow and improve their dancing and performing skills.


Junior Varsity is a team of WCS dancers who wish to train their WCS by learning and performing a routine created by Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann (legendary WCS champions based in the USA). WCS is based on improvisation and has a strong social component. But one of the best ways to train skills, stretch, swing elements, power moves, musicality and much more is learning and training a choreographed routine. Repetitio est mater studiorum. And a choreo by Jordan and Tatiana is no joke !!

More info here: http://www.jtswing.com/teams.html


The choreography is designed for novice/intermediate dancers. To join the JT Brussels team a minimum of 2 years of regular WCS classes is required (some exceptions may apply, for instance for dancers with substantial dance background before starting WCS, and anyway on an ad hoc basis and possibly on audition).


Who will direct the project in Brussels and surroundings? We are happy to announce that Andreia is the JT Swing Team Director for our region, as approved by Jordan and Tatiana themselves. She will work with Quentin and Tamas to train dancers for the routine.


Joining a JT swing team implies a considerable time investment. Training sessions of 3-4 hours are held during the weekend (8 weekends over 6 months) and are announced ahead of each season’s start. Monitor our Facebook page to learn more about each season. Contact us via email before subscribing, so we can validate your spot in the team.