What is west Coast Swing

What is it ?

West Coast Swing is a partner dance born  in the USA in the 1990s and enjoying ever increasing popularity in America, Canada and Europe. IWCS has its roots in Lindy Hop and belongs to the swing dance family, but it is modern dance style that can be danced to  a wide variety of songs: from the contemporary hits we hear on the radio every day to swing standards as well as RnB,, Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, Disco, Folk, Country and Blues., 

What does it look like? West Coast Swing is a very smooth dance . It is danced in a slot on medium tempo songs with straight or swung rhythm

Why is it so special? This dance leaves a lot of room for improvisation and musical interpretation both for the leader and for the follower. It is gender-neutral, meaning that the lead and follow roles can be exchanged either for the whole song or for parts of the song. 

How does it feel? For some it feels like floating, for others like skydiving. We each experience it differently. You have to try it and let us know how it feels for you.

Where is it danced? West Coast Swing is danced everywhere in the world: in the USA – where it originates from – especially in California and Texas; in Europe (France, Austria, Poland, Romania, UK, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic); in Australia; in Asia, etc.

In Belgium: The Belgian West Coast Swing community is growing slowly but surely every year.

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