Welcome to Brussels West Coast Swing

Upcoming events


May 21th : Lady Styling Workshop   New  !!!!  Registration open.

June 19th. Free Initiation   7 Pm

June 19th : Social Dancing  8 Pm

  More informations  in our Agenda.

Take care of yourself and others .


Where : Room “SALLE A TOUT”, Maison de quartier Malibran , 10 rue de la Digue 1050 Ixelles, first floor.

In order to allow as many of us as possible to dance and to dance together in good conditions, we will apply the following sanitary rules:

  • Disinfection of hands when you change of partner to dance.
  • Disinfection of hands when entering and leaving the room.
Don’t worry, we will be there to organize all this in a smooth way with a smile .

Classes Beginners

Never danced West Coast Swing before? 

It is a very modern, very entertaining couple dance based on communication and improvisation. 

It can be danced to various genres of music, whether contemporary hits or traditional swing songs.

Upcoming 1 hour trial session in june 13th, in august 29th and in september 5th, see our calendar for the date AND HOURS

Our weekly classes for beginners start on Monday September 12th, 2022 – 7 to 8 pm

You can already register by clicking here below.



You already know the basics of West Coast Swing but want to find your groove? 

We take it to the next level!

Our  cycle for improvers starts on Monday September 12th, 2022 – 8 to 9 pm

You can already register by clicking here below.



You know your technique and your patterns but want to refine them and improve your flow and your musicality?

This class is for you. It will introduce you to new patterns and concepts while reviewing and improving the basics. We will be using playful methods, line choreographies, footwork exercises and many other tools to help you become more creative, more musical and more expressive WCS dancer.

Our intermediate+ cycle starts again on Monday September 12th, 2022 –  9  to 10 pm

You can already register by clicking here below.

Intermediate + 

Workshops & Social Dancing

We keep you dancing! we organize regular Workshops with experienced WCS teachers and champions coming from abroad.

Have a look at our Calendar to see all the events we are planning for the 2021-2022 season: regular classes, advanced classes, workshops, practices, etc.

We will keep it up to date so that you dance West Coast Swing as much as possible!

See our