Welcome to Brussels West Coast Swing

Upcoming events

 Registration for next season will open at the beginning of August !

Upcoming 1 hour trial session  in september 2th and 9th 2024 – 7 PM !!

More informations  over events in our Agenda   HERE

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Where :

Room “SALLE A TOUT”, Maison de quartier Malibran , 10 rue de la Digue 1050 Ixelles, first floor

Room Maalbeek, Sportzaal De Maalbeek, 126 av. d’Auderghem, 1040 Etterbeek.

Classes : The Level descriptions are listed in the Activities Menu !


Upcoming 1 hour trial session  in september 2th and 9th 2024 – 7 PM !!, see our calendar for the date AND HOURS

Level 1 : Classes  : BEGINNERS  

Never danced West Coast Swing before? 

In a relaxed atmosphere, this fundamental course teaches the principles that are unique to WCS (footwork, connection & elasticity, rhythm) and the main basic patterns. Through a scaffolded programme and amusing drills, you will learn to dance while having fun.

Our weekly classes for beginners start on Thursday September 19th, 2024 – 7 to 8.15 pm  ROOM Maalbeek 

Level  2 : Classes : IMPROVERS

The “improvers” level focusses on intermediate techniques like Rock’nGo, Delayed One, pattern extensions, pivots and turns. It will introduce basic elements of improvisation, groove and musicality. Knowledge of the fundamentals of WCS is required.

Our  cycle for improvers starts on Monday September 16th, 2024 – 7 to 8 pm   ROOM  A TOUT

Level 3 : Classes : EXPERIENCED

The “experienced” level is aimed at expert dancers who want to refine their technique, their quality of movement and their listening skills.
It will contain elements of musicality (straight vs swung rhythm, how to dance differently to different genres, blues), body isolation, rolling count, cut time, one-foot spins and more – in short, all the keys for the dancer to develop their own style and interpretation.

Our  cycle for experienced starts on Monday September 16th, 2024 – 8 to 9 pm   ROOM  A TOUT

Level 4 : Classes : FANATICS / COMPETITORS

This level can be attended on invitation or audition and is reserved to competitors (points in WSDC Novice required) and teachers. Classes focus on musical theory and advanced WCS techniques, competition aspects and video analysis to develop a critical eye.

Our Fanatics/competitors cycle starts again on Monday September 16th, 2024 –  9  to 10 pm   ROOM  A TOUT

Workshops & Social Dancing

We keep you dancing! we organize regular Workshops with experienced WCS teachers and champions coming from abroad.

Have a look at our Calendar to see all the events we are planning for the 2024-2025 season: regular classes, advanced classes, workshops, practices, etc.

We will keep it up to date so that you dance West Coast Swing as much as possible!

See our